What's nutritious about eating "local" Suncrest™ lettuce?

Nutritional values in lettuce are mostly a function of nutrients and light. Suncrest's hydroponic nutrient recipe includes 17 naturally occurring macro and micro nutrients, ratio-balanced for optimal growth   and nutrition.

Notice how green our lettuce leaves are! Compared to lettuce that is pale or white at the core, our solid green leaves indicate a higher nutritional value — an added bonus to the freshness that comes from growing locally.

Suncrest™ lettuce is 100% free of synthetic pesticides and GMOs. We say synthetic, because, like organic growers we do use natural sprays on occasion to repel insects.

And since "organic certification" requires growing in soil, we are not certified, but we do follow similar guidelines. 

Suncrest™ Bibb Lettuce.

Suncrest™ Bibb Lettuce.