SUNCREST™ is changing the way food is grown by licensing its Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic technology to local greenhouse (GH) growers so they can grow leafy-greens in high-volume all year long. We then sell and distribute the greens our Suncrest™ Certified Growers harvest in order to address consumer demand for “locally-grown” lettuce and leafy-greens that are — Always local. Always fresh.®

Suncrest’s sustainable, high-volume, local-footprint, fresh produce production model delivers premium-quality “leafy-greens” and produce 365 days/year within 100 miles of population centers.

We currently have growers in the Seattle (Whidbey Growers) and San Francisco Bay Areas (Pescadero Growers).

At Suncrest, our team is — Changing the way the world grows food.®